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T Shirt Manufacturer
Our Manufacturing includes cotton, polyester, Rayon, Bamboo, Modal Cotton, Organic Cotton, Supima Cotton, Grindle types and so on into fabrics. Our fabrics are having top notch in quality and good compacted finish.We make perfect stitch at all parts of t shirt to bring full q...

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T Shirt Manufacturers In Tirupur
We manufacture t shirts in bulk volume with full customisation, Our customisations includes printing, embroidery, fabric type, gsm range, private labelling and fully onto the t shirts.We have bulk volume of manufacturing t shirt from yarn counts to end product wit...

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We are best PPE Kit manufacturer in india. Our ppe are comes with both laminated and non laminated with customised GSM levels. we provide PPE fabric in virgin quality. Our PPE Kits are guarantee in protection against surroundings

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Solid Round Neck T Shirt
We Manufacture Round Neck T Shirt in Solid Colors at a Very Competitive Price, We Have Our Round Neck That Comes in Bio and Non-Bio Wash, We Do Our Fabric with Combed and Semi-Combed Cotton to Get Achieve a Very Competitive Market Price. We Guarantee Our Product with Test...

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Tie-Dye T Shirt Manufacturer
We Manufacture Tie Dye T Shirt in Bulk Quantities. Our Major Supply Is for Top Brands in Other Countries. We Do Panel Wash with Wheel Design in Many Colors. We Make This in a Lot of Different Fabrics Like Polyester, Nylon, and Cotton Tri-Blends. Our Dyes Are Tested wi...

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T Shirt Manufacturer In Tirupur
We manufacture white round neck t shirts in super combed, combed, and semi-combed fabric to differentiate the quality of cotton & yarn. we knit yarns in three categories like RL, VL & GL. We do this sample for clients to differentiate the quality between these fabr...

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Dry Fit Shorts - T Shirt Manufacturer In Tirupur
We Manufacture Shorts in Dry Fit, Viscose, Nylon Lycra, Nylon Blended Cotton, and So on in Imported Polyester Fabrics in Bulk Quantities.

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T Shirt Manufacturer In Tirupur
We Manufacture T Shirt in Round Neck, Polo Neck, V-Neck, Crew Neck, Boat Neck, Etc. We Have a Lot of Patterns and Designs of Fabric Which Are More Premium in the Finish Also with a Cost. We Manufacture Garment in a Lot of Fabric Options Like Single Jersey, Pique, A...

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Corporate T Shirt Manufacturer In Tirupur
Our Corporate T Shirt Manufacturing Includes from Yarn to Fabric and Fabric to Packing. We Have Bulk Manufacturing Capacity and Having a Manufacturing Capacity of Sending More Than One Lakh T Shirts Per Month. Our Corporate T Shirt Is Fully Processes with...

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T Shirt Manufacturers in Tirupur

  • Mens Round Neck T Shirt Manufacturers

    We manufacture all kind of round neck t shirt for men from lowest price range to higher range.It consist of many type of fabrics like Pima Cotton,Modal Cotton,Organic Cotton,Polyester and many kind of fabrics.We are a best manufacturer in tirupur for all type of knitted Hoisery garments.Our mens round neck t shirt are manufactured with soft flow dyed for softer feel and rich look.we have a starting GSM of 140 to 200, It will customised on patterns and textures.
  • Mens Polo T Shirt Manufacturers

    We manufacture polo t shirt in various fabrics from Pique, Air tex, Thick big, Pique lycra, cotton pique lycra, Spandex and much more.We have a starting gsm of 220 to 240.All polo t shirt fabrics will be bio washed for better life time.
  • Mens Printed T Shirt Manufacturers

    We manufacturer all kind of printed t shirt that start from Sublimation Print, BHM, Photo Print, Screen Print, Discharge Print, Vinyl Print, Foil Print, PVC and Non-PVC print, Rotary print and more.All our printing done on t shirt are through automated imported printing machine for a better quality.We assure zero print breaks on garments after wash and before.All our garments are passed for AQL, FPT and GPT Inspection.We have our own Diesel Curing machine for printing purpose which we are having production capacity of more than 1000 pcs per day through per machine.
  • V-Neck T Shirt Manufacturers

    We manufacture mens V-Shaped neck t shirt in lower GSM to Higher GSM that to with and without printed.It will be customised on order basis.We also do bio wash for v-neck t shirt for a rich feel.All our t shirts are passed for quality tests like AQL, FPT And GPT test.
  • Collar T Shirt Manufacturers

    Mens collar t shirt comes with customised hand cuff in sleeve, which we are customising collar and cuff.We manufacture collar t shirt mostly on pique fabric/ Airtex fabric from higher to lower gsm.We have monthly manufacturing capacity of 25K polo t shirt.
  • Ready Stock T Shirt Manufacturers

    We have more ready stock t shirt on regular colours for immediate shipment.To meet our order emergency we are having ready stock t shirts on many kind of GSM and colours.This ready stock t shirt is available for all genders.
  • Wholesale T Shirt Manufacturers

    We Manufacture and Supply Wholesale T Shirts in Bulk Quantities. Our Wholesale T Shirts Are Very Much Competitive in Price and Also Competitive in Quality. We Do Bulk Supply for Wholesale Orders from Yarn to Garments. Our Wholesale Supply Is with a Variety of Printing and Fabric Options.

Cotton T Shirt Exporters, Suppliers and Manufacturers in Tirupur

  • Pima Cotton T Shirt Manufacturers

    Pima cotton t shirt are more softer and has its life more than 100 percent cotton.We manufacture Pima cotton t shirt by importing purest form of cotton and make it knitted.It can customised with various kind of colour and type of print
  • Modal Cotton T Shirt Manufacturers

    Modal cotton t shirt are more smooth and shiny in look.It resist more shrinkage when compared to all other cottons.It can be mixed to vary of cottons to make modal more blended.we manufacture modal cotton t shirt with printed and with out printed, also a mixture of various styles.
  • Organic Cotton T Shirt Manufacturers

    To make our environment friendly, we suggest organic cotton which are cultivated more organically when compared to all other cottons.we manufacture organic cotton t shirt with soft flow dyed for lesser impact.We are leading and biggest exporter of organic cotton with lab reports.
  • Cotton T Shirt Manufacturers

    100 percent cotton t shirt are general cotton which are in more availability in markets as a ready stock fabrics, But we manufacture 100 percent cotton t shirt with more customisation and pure form of cottons.Cottons are playing major roles, which decides the fabric life terms.
  • Tri-Blend Cotton T Shirt Manufacturers

    Tri-Blend cotton t shirt can be divided in to three percentage composition of cotton t shirt.We manufacture tri-blended t shirt like Poly rayon viscose lycra, which means Polyester -50%, Rayon-45%, and Elastane -5%.We can meet all the requirements in t shirt with AQL lab report.
  • Poly Cotton T Shirt Manufacturers

    Poly cotton t shirt plays polyester 50% and cotton 50%.we manufacture poly cotton t shirt with more customised styles and patterns for all genders.we evolve as a best manufacturer for poly cotton t shirt in tirupur with ISO certified exporting awards.
  • cotton Lycra T Shirt Manufacturers

    Cotton lycra t shirt is all seasonal t shirt, where it give full comfort and soft ness while wearing.we manufacture using finest raw materials and export to world wide.we manufacture cotton lycra t shirt in striped, auto striped, printed, embroidery, custom stylings and so on.
  • Lycra Spandex T Shirt Manufacturers

    Lycra spandex t shirt are manufactured using more amount of lycra making it done by all 4 way stretch.our lycra mixed t shirt are now getting more trend when compared to other blends.
  • French Terry T Shirt or Sweat Shirt Manufacturers

    French terry fabric feels very soft in one side when compared to other side.It can be mostly used for sweat shirts or in winter seasional fabric.It mostly would be in High GSM , to get protected in winters.we are best manufacturer for winter wears.

Sweat T Shirt Exporters, Suppliers and Manufacturers in Tirupur

  • Loop Knit T Shirt Manufacturers

    Loop Knit Fabrics are mostly used in winter seasons.We manufacture loop knit sweat shirt in various kinds of GSM, to meet our buyer standard quality levels.This comes with brushed loop knit and un brushed loop knit for cost efficiency.
  • Fleece T Shirt Manufacturers

    Fleece sweat shirt has mostly specialised characters in nature like, Softness, Feel and Light weight.It has most durability in nature.we are very very specialised in making fleece sweat shirt, T Shirt and all type of knitted garments.
  • Interlock Knitted T Shirt Manufacturers

    Iterlock sweat shirt and loop knit shirt are most common in nature but different in words.It has many type of gsm where we achieve a good finishing in finish.We give brushed and unbrushed interlock sweat shirt and all type apparels.

Lycra T Shirt Exporters, Suppliers and Manufacturers in Tirupur

  • Cotton Lycra T Shirt Manufacturers

    Cotton Lycra t shirt are very premium in touch and feel.It has very good life span when comparing to other type of cotton t shirt.we are customising cotton lycra t shirt into its composition by GSM, Yarn count, Fabric Dyeing Methods and so on.we are specialised in making of cotton lycra auto stiped t shirt by ordering to us as a special requirement.
  • Poly Lycra T Shirt Manufacturers

    Poly Lycra t shirt are differentiated in to polyester and lycra where polyester plays 95% and Lycra 5%(elastane).Lycra in polyester t shirt gives stretchable where we can use in gym and play grounds.It is cheaper in price comparing to cotton t shirt and also have more life when comparing to regular cotton t shirts.
  • Durby Lycra T Shirt Manufacturers

    Durby Lycra t shirt are used in track pants, round neck t shirt neck area and swear shirts and mostly in particular areas.The gsm for durby lycra t shirt will be more by its nature.we are best in manufacturing durby lycra cotton t shirt.

Printed T Shirt Exporters, Suppliers and Manufacturers in Tirupur

  • Sublimation Printed T Shirt Manufacturers

    Sublimation Printed t shirt are more shiny after printing, we manufacture sublimation printed at effective price where the printing merges with the fabric.we print sublimation print using MHM imported machine to make the good quality.
  • Discharge Printed T Shirt Manufacturers

    Discharge print gives brighter look after they have been observed with fabric .The process for discharge print is when print chemical is applied on the fabric it should be heated for arresting the inks.The discharge print can be applied only on some colour fabric to make the print colour bright.We are best DISCHARGE PRINTED T SHIRT MANUFACTURER IN TIRUPUR.
  • Screen Printed T Shirt Manufacturers

    Screen Printed t shirt comes with mixture of lot of methods of printing inks and dyes.We manufacture screen printed t shirt with best quality finish.Screen print are very common type print used in t shirts.
  • Non-PVC Printed T Shirt Manufacturers

    Non PVC printed t shirt are the inks we can make that to merge with fabric.A lot of compositions are used in non pvc printing technique.We manufacture best non pvc printed t shirt with lot of pattern standards.
  • PVC Printed T Shirt Manufacturers

    PVC Printed t shirt are manufactured with high GSM fabric to low GSM fabric.We MANUFACTURE PVC PRINTED T SHIRT with high inks.The pvc printing makes a layer above the t shirt.
  • Rotary Printed T Shirt Manufacturers

    When we come to rotary printed t shirt ,the fabric in rotary printed t shirt are fully printed in the fabric.We can customise more designs in the i rotary printing method.We are one of the top most bulk rotary printed t shirt manufacturer in tirupur.
  • Foil Printed T Shirt

    Foil Printed t shirt are mostly used in event purpose not on regular use.we manufacture foil printed t shirt with zero print breaks and wash.These prints are able to use only in most light colour fabrics due foil printing chemical nature.
  • All Over Printed T Shirt

    We manufacture all over printed t shirt in all fabric for cost efficiency.Mostly all over printed t shirt are less in fabric breathability.we manufacture them in various designs and patterns to make extra look.
  • Pigment Print

    Pigment printed t shirt are the prints that merge with fabric.The pigment print supports only some type fabric colours to be pasted in the fabric.We guarantee that our inks used in fabric are kid safe inks where we meet united states of America t shirt quality.

Polo T Shirt Exporters, Suppliers and Manufacturers in Tirupur

  • Polo T Shirt with collar Manufacturers

    We manufacture polo t shirt in various cotton and different compositions.Majorly our polo t shirt fabric stands for pique, airtex and thick big.We manufacture collar as different part and we attach to polo t shirt.We play a best manufacturer for polo t shirt with collar.
  • Polo T Shirt with Pocket Manufacturers

    we manufacture polo t shirt with pocket in many gsm types, styles and patterns.We manufacture customised embroidery on polo t shirt.All our polo t shirt meets international standard quality.We suggest mostly 100 percent cotton polo t shirt for regular use.
  • Polo T Shirt with Embroidery Manufacturers

    We manufacture polo t shirt with custom embroidery with more like colours in finish.All our polo t shirt manufactured with embroidery are quality checked before delivery.

Corporate, Promotional, Bulk T Shirt Manufacturers and Exporters in Tirupur

  • Corporate T Shirt Manufacturers

    We manufacture corporate t shirt and we export corporate t shirt to multiple countries with them.we promise on quality , Price and delivery time.we are awarded corporate t shirt manufacturer in tirupur with international export license.
  • Promotional T Shirt Manufacturers

    We manufacture Promotional t shirts for best price.We give more competitive price with best quality.we are the one and only manufacturer where we manufacture best products at very competitive price.
  • Bulk T Shirt Manufacturers

    We manufacture bulk t shirt with ability to make third party inspections at guarantee delivery time.we assure 100 % quality on third party inspections.Our bulk t shirt posses AQL inspection, FP test and GP test.

Sports t shirt Manufacturers, Exporters and Suppliers in tirupur

  • Sports t shirt manufacturers

    We manufacture sports t shirt for better price with best quality.We are the one and only sports t shirt manufacturer in tirupur where we manufactures sublimation printed for better purpose and comfort look after wearing.
  • Sports Jersey t shirt manufcturer

    We manufacture sports jersey using polyester material.The Polyester t shirt are good and weightless while wearing.When comes to the sports polyester plays an important role in all areas of world.We manufacture them in printed or embroidered.
  • Sublimation Printed Sports t shirt manufacturer in tirupur

    We manufacture sports jersey in variety of kind fabrics according to our clients requirement.we use mostly high quality fabrics to prevent sweat and observe sweat.we promise on printing quality after multiple washes.

Whole Sale T Shirt Manufacturer, Suppliers In Tirupur

  • Wholesale Round Neck T Shirts

    We Manufacture Round neck t shirt and supply a huge quantity to wholesale suppliers and distributors at very competitive price.The quality of the t shirt are AQL level Passed for guarantee in quality.We do customised designs on round neck t shirt to wholesale distributors also, for better price.The Quality also we make to meet competitive brands by giving the finish.
  • Wholesale V-Neck T Shirts

    We manufacturer wholesale t shirt for all genders and ages.our v shaped neck t shirt comes for all cotton type.we manufacture all type of t shirts cotton on its composition.The colour of the fabric will be developed by RGB code where we have capacity to reflect same effect on cottons.
  • Customised Whole Sale T Shirt Manufacturer In Tirupur

    We manufacture and supply a high quality knitted garment on all fabric and types.We do customised t shirts from fabrics to packing.All our t shirts are customised by yarn composition to dyeing composition.we promise on goods that composition are fully ditto manufactured when compared to art work.

Cap Suppliers In Tirupur

  • Cap Suppliers /Manufacturers / Exporters

    We manufacture caps on custom order basis with full customisation from fabric to style.we do 100 percent inspection on all caps from thread, colours and finish.Minimum order quantity will be 500 caps per design.

T Shirt Wholesale/ Manufacturer/ Exporter/ Supplier/ Distributor/ Dealer/ Trader in TIRUPUR

  • T Shirt Manufacturers In India

    we manufacture round neck, polo neck, full sleeve, half sleeve, printed t shirt, embroidered t shirt for corporate companies, custom brands, schools, collages, universities, promotional purpose with full customisation and 100 percent guarantee in quality and delivery time.we have well equipped machines with strong young team to make t shirts with good quality and finish.we are best t shirt manufacturer in tirupur with good output of manufacturing 40,000 t shirts per month.
  • T Shirt Traders In India

    we manufacture bulk quantity of t shirts for corporate companies and supply with good quality test.Our products manufactured are 100 percent guarantee in needle test, Shrinkage Test, Bleeding & Colour fastness.We use only imported chemical for dyeing and printing to make a good quality garment.we meet competitive price in market with better quality and timely delivery.
  • T Shirt Suppliers In Tirupur

    We supply t shirt by manufacturing it by full customisation from yarn to fabric.We customise yarn counts according to our buyers requirement for good fabric quality.we are one of the Asia's Largest supplier in customised t shirts.we do best quality printing and fabric by requirement.

What We Do

  • YARN

    We select yarn counts under our customer's requirements. Yarns are classified into RL/VL combed yarn, Compacted Yarn, Carded yarn, Re-Cycled yarn etc., Yarn will be chosen by customers GSM requirement. For each type of fabric and cotton, Yarn Counts will vary from 20's, '30s, '40s 25's, etc. We finalize yarn count and composition by customers requirement in gsm and feel of the fabric. we process yarn to the knitting for making a grey fabric.

    Here the yarns are knitted into grey fabric ( RFD Fabric-Ready for Dyeing ). Knittings are classified into many types by Single jersey, Interlock, Loopknit, French Terry, Auto striped, Pique, Airtex etc, These names are also classified by fabric names. where single jersey fabric is used mostly in round neck.we do knitting mostly by fixing tight loop length in the machine to achieve finer finish in the fabric. Knitting machine types are also classified into 24 GAUGE, 28 GAUGE, 20 GAUGE & 32 GAUGE. we can achieve gsm requirement in any gauge, but only some gauge machine will give a finer look of the fabric. when comes to the quality '''GSM IS NOT ONLY THE QUALITY'''Loop length and gauge also stands in fabric finishing. After knitting, the yarns are processed into grey fabric or RFD fabric.

    In this process, The Grey fabric will be processed into roll form washes, After washing the fabric rolls, some percentage of the fabric shrinkage will be arrested,Then we will pass the wet fabric rolls into diesel/gas heat dryer to Make the un-even GSM level into the locked GSM Position.Where this process only bring the GSM and Shrinkage level even according to our Customers requirement

    The Grey fabric will be processed for dyeing according to CMYK values given from our client.We do soft flow dyed, we have vessel capacity starting from 100 Kgs to 1.5 tons, where we can make exact colour according to CMYK in our machines.We do Bio wash, Panel wash, silicone wash, acid wash, tumble wash Etc to make fabric feel softer according to the requirement.We arrest all pilling and hairiness in the fabric in our dyeing to make first premium quality.

    In this process, we do wash the rolls to check the shrinkage percent (length & Width) in the fabric. According to Shrinkage level in the length, we elongate the fabric using heavy puller compacting machine to make shrinkage level in acceptance value.We make tubular rolls to open width to prevent wastage in fabric while cutting.
  • FPT

    FABRIC PACKAGE TEST, In this we test each roll of fabric for mistakes. Mistakes will be in the form of knitting dust, yarn dust, knitting stain & oil, dyeing padding mistake, compacting mistake. After final checking the fabric we will pass the fabric for cutting and production. We prefer 100% inspection in fabric rolls to avoid a single mistake in garments.

    We follow strictly export test standards for fabric like rubbing test, colorfastness, shrinkage, spirality, flammability, skew test, gsm test, Pthalet test, wet rub & dry rub, pilling, and hairiness test, Lead content, pilling resistance, bursting strength and fiber content, etc. We do a lot of fabric and garment tests as per our client requirements. Our quality of the garment is manufactured from ISO 9001:2008 standards manufacturing.

    We develop patterns according to buyers' requirement, mostly our patterns are graded in Indian standard measurement, Eu measurement, US measurement. Our patterns fit to the body as it feels like nothing. All our patterns are tested by fitting in dummies.

    Before Starting Production, We manufacture final samples on all sizes to get fit confirmation from our customer.Each Size Samples will be given in finalised fabric colour , printing if there or with embroidery.we develop fit samples based on measurement and design.

    Before Starting Mass Production. We will give a printed sample or embroidered sample on customized design. Our t-shirt printing are done by MHM Machines, where we import these high-end machines from Germany to make good quality printed output on the t-shirt. All Our Printing inks are kids' safe inks.
  • TEST

    After starting the mass production we will select any random cut panel of fabric and then we pass that fabric to ISO or Disney Certified Lab for quality check. We will check for colour fastness , shrinkage , pilling after multiple washes, phthalate test, flammability test and lot more for quality guaranteed garment at the end. All our product manufactured in our company are 100% quality guaranteed garment.

    we have sewing capacity of manufacturing 50000 Round Neck T-shirt Per Month.All our sewing machines are imported from japan, we use only industry leading top model stitching machine for sewing our knitted t-shirts.We use expensive patlock machine where we give 100% guarantee in raw edges.Our machines automatically trims un-wanted threads after stitching, this will help our garment clean at end customer.

    After Sewing The Garment, Each and Every Garment we will final check with professional educated labours to test the un-controllable mistakes.Each garment passed to ironing are Guaranteed for nil mistakes.In this inspection we will look and reject garment which has yarn mistake, printing oil, knitting oils, dyeing oils, stitching holes and lot more which comes under AQL ( Acceptable Quality Limit ) General Level 1.

    We Pack Garments and Other Accessories on Specific Sized Cartoon to Reduce Maximum Number of Volumetric Weight to Achieve Best Shipping Cost. we Do Packaging of T Shirts and Other Accessories According to Requirements.


9 months ago
T Shirt Manufacturer In Tirupur -Women jogger manufactured for my own clothing brand, where Esplandea team made my product with excellent output, my requirement is on huge quantities in multiple designs, I regularly do with them.I really love their hard work and smart work to meet my requirements. Thanks much!
- Thirumalai V
11 months ago
Discharge Printed Round Neck T Shirt, Done In Very Professional Quality. Really Thanks For The Support For My Clothing Brand. Very Good T Shirt Manufacturer With Best Knowledge & Skill.
- Dabloo D
11 months ago
I Hope is a brand which promotes T-shirts with artwork done by children affected by Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and it sources it's T-shirts from Esplandea Incorporation. We must say it has been a great experience doing business with them. The T-shirt quality overall (printing fitting) is very good but, what really outshines is the material. It is of top-notch quality at par with the biggest names in the industry. Mr. Ravi Prasad from Esplandea Incorporation, has been very kind to guide us right through the selection of the material for the t-shirts to delivery of final product. He has been always very prompt in response and never tired to answer any questions (which we bombarded him with relentlessly). We were always left astounded at the level of dedication and hard work he puts in every situation. Mr. Ravi Prasad... may you reach every height of success! We really appreciate Esplandea Incorporation's support for our cause and wish them many more successes. I Hope will...
- I H

T Shirt,TShirts Manufacturers in Tirupur

t shirt manufacturer in tirupur
is a high grade quality producing t shirt manufacturer in Tirupur that was established in 2008. Supported by a robust infrastructure and state of the art machineries, perfection is attained with ease. Our product line up includes a variety of unique set of apparels for all genders, ages and sizes. We are authorised by the government of India to export our products on an international scale; standing as an example to our quality. The company assists entrepreneurs to establish a brand of their own because we understand the power of customisability. With nearly 25 years of experience, we have evolved to become one of the best manufacturers you can find. Timely delivery is maintained with high regards.We are the best manufacturers of mens t shirt manufacturer, womens tshirt manufacturer ,kids tshirt manufacturer, baby wear manufacturer ,vest and briefs and polo neck tshirt manufacturer in tirupur.We are playing best part in Mens ,Womens and Kids t shirt manufacturer in tirupur With scope of making Quality best t shirt.Majorly three play yarns are used to manufacture the apparels. When you look for best t shirt manufacturer in Tirupur ,We are first and best among tirupur to make your garment quality Tested. Other yarn varieties existing in the market are made use of as per the customer's demand.we are awarded as a best t shirt manufacturer in tirupur by Okeo tex.Your concerns are ours and we know time is your major concern. We are committed towards manufacturing our consignments in time.Profits don't matter as much as our customers. Our products are manufactured at the most reasonable rates. Compromise is not a term we associated ourselves with, just because you pay less doesn't mean you get less, Only the best in any case.

Corporate T Shirts Manufacturers in Tirupur
We  Manufacture the bulk quantity of corporate t shirts { Corporate t shirts Manufacturers }  with custom designed printing designs and embroidery.

Promotional T shirt manufacturers in tirupur
We export large Quantity of promotional t shirts for promotional events like meeting and brand advertising.When you search BEST PROMOTIONAL T SHIRT MANUFACTURER "WE AER BEST T SHIRT MANUFACTURER".All kind of promotional t shirt are manufactured.

We manufacture t shirt with well designed pattern and customised logos.All our t shirt can be manufactured for Promotional Events, Corporate t shirts for events and all types of t shirts.
We are best t shirt manufacturer in tirupur with well developed designers for fabric and printing.

Polo T Shirts Manufacturers in Tirupur
We manufacture bulk quantity of Polo t shirts in various fabrics starts from pique, Air tex and honey combed fabric  at starting GSM of 220,Also our Polo t shirts comes with polyester fabric for very minimal price.We deliver our products on good quality as a copy to sample.

Bulk T Shirts Manufacturers in Tirupur
We comes with very minimum price in bulk quantity with best fabric and stitching quality.All our garments comes with very lower price when it comes in bulk.Our Bulk quantity price starts when You have MOBQ of 2500 t shirts per colour.We are manufacturing Bulk t shirts in 2000 pcs/colour for minimum order quantity.

High Grade Quality T Shirts Manufacturers in Tirupur
We are promised to our buyers that our all products will be 100% good in quality with best price and best finish.We promise in manufacturing the best quality t shirt.

Poly Cotton and Poly lycra T Shirt Manufacturers in Tirupur
Our poly cotton fabric comes with a lot of polyester and cotton mixing.we manufacture this fabrics and t shirts with a guarantee of colour fastness and shrinkage issues.We assure best quality and fine finish.

Plain Polo t shirt manufacturers in tirupur
We started manufacturing polo t shirts with ranges of GSM and embroidery design.All are with Bio Washed fabric to give a fresh and stiff look after washing

Pima Cotton t shirts manufacturers in tirupur
We import pima cotton on regular basis and manufacture them on highest quality finish.These pima cotton are Imported and we are a best manufacturer of pima cotton in tirupur.We also export pima on regular order basis at free shipping charges.Mostly Pima cotton are hundred percent blended cotton to support multiple garment wash.we also do acid wash for pima cotton t shirts.

Polo t shirts manufacturers in tirupur
We Manufacture all kind of polo t shirts in various kinds of fabric that starts with a light GSM to heavy GSM.We promise in delivering the polo t shirt with best quality finish and we are best and perfect polo t shirt manufacturer in tirupur.We give high bio to remeove pilling and hairiness in the fabric.

Stripes Yarn t shirts manufacturers in tirupur
We manufacture stripes t shirts mainly for polos and round neck.All our t shirt manufactured are with yarn stripes which means we dye yarns according fabric Pantone and match with final fabric colour.

Modal Cotton t shirts manufacturers in tirupur
We manufacture modal cotton t shirt with mixed cotton to give best finish in fabric.The modal cottons are very rare in good quality but we specially manufacture modal cotton with quality reports to explain that our modal cotton t shirts are very good in quality.

Polyester t shirts manufacturers in tirupur
Polyester t shirts are more cheaper in price.we manufacture with best quality and types.we have more types in polyester t shirts range , so just connect with us for bulk requirement in polyester.We play in custom colour in polyester fabric and gsm range.

Organic Cotton t shirts manufacturers in tirupur
We manufacture Organic Cotton t shirts without any mixture of blended cotton.Our organic cotton t shirt brings a tee rich look after wearing.We do organic cotton t shirts on customised pattern, printing, embroidery and so on.We are one of the best, superb and quality organic t shirts manufacturers in tirupur.

Sweat Shirt manufacturers in tirupur
We manufacture various kind of sweat shirts that includes pullover, hoodie, sweater in knitted garments.This comes with various kind of fabric from loop knit, interlock, spandex and fur Which are mostly above 240 GSM.These fabrics are mostly used in winter seasons.

T Shirt manufacturers in tirupur
Our t shirt manufacture includes from round neck t shirt, polo neck t shirt, v-neck t shirt, hooded t shirt, tank top t shirt, crew neck t shirt and printed t shirt which are mostly customised to requirements.

Polo t shirt manufacturers and exporters in tirupur
we manufacture polo t shirts on large scale with premium quality to show our professional work on polo t shirt manufacturing.Our polo t shirt start from very lower price range and ends with higher price range.we mostly prefer our polo t shirt should be perfectly stitched and packed.We manufacture polo t shirts on 220 gsm to 240 gsm to attain best quality in finishing.

Winter Wear t shirt manufacturers in tirupur
We manufacturers winter wear t shirt in all kind of fabric from Fleece, fur, loop knit, Interlock to Cotton.we promise that our garments manufactured for winter season are all quality tested for life long presence.We are one of the best winter wear t shirt manufacturers in tirupur.

Custom Printed t shirt manufacturers in tirupur
We manufacture Custom printed t shirts with high quality finish.We can guarantee our printing life will be more longer after 100 washes.All our custom design printing are specially worked for high quality finish.

Round neck t shirt manufacturer in tirupur
Round neck t shirt manufactured in slub cotton for lighter weight and good feel for summer seasons.We customised round neck t shirt with pocket for additional look in finish.All our round neck are manufactured with print and without print, based on requirement.we are one of the best round neck t shirt manufacturer in tirupur.we manufacture round neck t shirt in lots of compositions in types of custom designs and printings.

Sea Island Cotton t shirt manufacturer in tirupur
We manufacture sea island cotton t shirt, by importing pure material of sea island cottons and we manufacture yarns.Yarns are knitted tightly by premium machine, We do all this and we make premium garment at the end.

Corporate t shirt manufacturer in tirupur
We manufacture corporate t shirt in various types of cotton and printing.All our corporate t shirt comes with 100 percent guarantee on quality before washing and after washing.Printings pasted in t shirt are with high pasting dye which are imported and we manufacture corporate t shirt with imported printing chemicals and we exporting it to major countries.we play a huge role in manufacturing corporate t shirt with assured best quality in guarantee for the t shirt.We offer all our tees at best price range that too with quality.We have many types of t shirt, We are manufacturing everything on order basis.The order are mostly from cotton to fabric and fabric to packing.We manufacture corporate t shirt under General level 2 inspection.We manufacture t shirt under special care only for corporate companies to make t shirt more competitive in quality when compare to others.We are india's leading and largest corporate t shirt manufacturer in tirupur equipped with imported Roqdry printing machines, imported dyeing machines and yarn machines.Where our buyers can achieve quality only through us by manufacturing in our special imported machines.
Leggings manufacturers in tirupur
we manufacture cotton lycra, poly lycra legging on 140 gsm for smoothy fit and comfort.We do on order basis for increase in gsm for custom branding.Our leggings are with bio washed to give rich comfort in wearing.

Discharge Printed t shirt manufacturer in tirupur
we manufacture various kinds of printed t shirt.From that we are specialised in making discharge printed t shirt.We manufacture all kind of discharge print upto 10-14 mixed colours with custom dimensions.

Poly Lycra Yarn-Dyed T Shirt Manufacturer In Tirupur
We manufacture polyester mixed lycra yarn striped t shirt in multi colour auto stripes form.we made yarn knitting in order base to china and we import fabrics to make t shirt.All our t shirt are eligible to pass FPT, GPT, AQL test.

Cotton t shirts manufacturers in tirupur
We manufacture all type of cotton t shirt by diving and adding the equivalent composition.All our cotton t shirt has more life in nature when comparing polyester mixed cottons.We are well skilled in manufacturing cotton t shirt based on buyers requirement.

Striped Polo T Shirt Manufacturer in tirupur
We manufacture striped polo t shirt in many Kinds like auto striped, cotton lycra striped, polyester pique and so on.Our polo t shirt are always available in 100 percent cotton, poly cotton and various blends.We evolve as a best striped polo t shirt manufacturer with various cotton blends and types.Our polo t shirt are customised best for dri-fit, sports purpose, custom branding, promotional events and school uniforms.The striped polo t shirts are coming feder stripes, 4 way stretch.We do with tighter loop length to achieve very good finish.

Printed t shirt manufacturers in tirupur
We manufacture all kind of print from sublimation, All Over Print, Foil Print and yolk print on t shirt with Export finishing quality guarantee.We Do Printing Only On MHM Machine. 

Ring Spun Cotton t shirt manufacturers in tirupur
We manufacture ring spun cotton t shirt in 100% cotton composition or mixed composition.We manufacture ring spun cotton t shirt with full good imported raw materials.we are best manufacturer for ring spun cotton.

Fabric Manufacturers in Tirupur
We manufacture and supply a large amount of fabrics with best compacted finish.Our fabric manufacture includes single jersey, pique, thick big, spandex, Airtex, polyester, fleece, interlock, polyester mixed And all lycra compositions manufacturer in tirupur.We have our own dyeing, knitting, compacting, printing and stitching factory of own to make best quality.

Bamboo Cotton t shirt manufacturer in tirupur
Bamboo cotton t shirt are more comfortable when we wear.It has been manufactured with finest yarns and exposing it good quality finishing.we make bamboo cotton t shirt with all customised sizes and measurement.

Interlock t shirt manufacturer in tirupur
We manufacture interlock t shirt from 200 to 280 Grams square meter.We customise it from soft flow dyed with bio wash.We indulge many kind of washes to fabric according to our clients requirement.We manufacture interlock t shirt in all styles with different patterns and Pantone supported.Best Supplier with exported machineries.

Sports T Shirt Manufacturers in Tirupur
We manufacture sports t-shirt for sports events in schools and college. We use polyester sublimation printed t-shirt for sports to make more rich look. We manufacture sports t-shirt for both men, women and unisex.

Events T-Shirt Manufacturers in Tirupur
Our T-Shirt manufacturing includes for events purpose also. Our production includes Round neck, Polo neck, v-neck, henley neck and type of knitted garments too. We make a t-shirt especially for event purpose.
MHM Machine Printed t-shirt manufacturers in Tirupur
We manufacture mhm machine-printed t-shirts using high-quality dyes. all our printed t-shirt are long-lasting and better seated in merged colours. 
Rotary Printed Fabric Suppliers
We manufacture fabric according to our client's requirement like GSM, Dia, Kniitng Loop Length, Colour & Composition. We do also all-over print (AOP ) on fabric according to our customer's requirement with a custom design.
Joggers Manufacturer In Tirupur
We manufacture joggers for both men and women in all sizes. Our joggers are fully manufactured with custom design patterns, Prints and embroideries. We change our jogger's GSM according to our buyers requirement.we are Certified manufacturer for all hosiery knitted garments.
We are following ISO Standards In Our Products.
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